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Dashlane vs. 1Password

Disclaimer: I’ve been a premium user of Dashlane for a couple of years now, so I may be slightly biased towards it. However, my dislikes with Dashlane prompted me to spend time with 1Password in the first place, so maybe not.


There really isn’t a lot to separate these two password managers, and I’m hard pressed to find any single reason why everyone should use one and not the other. The bottom line is that they’re both fantastic, both simple to use and well designed, and both help to keep you secure. You’re not going to be disappointed with either, but here are some things that I both love and disliked about each.

 What I love about Dashlane

  • Beautiful OS X and iOS applications. Easy to use, straight to the point, lots of extra features.
  • Security Dashboard. Again, very simple to get started with and explains things clearly. Gives a quick overview of how things are

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📖 When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi ★★★★★

There is nothing that I can write that could add anything to the utterly incredible book that is When Breath Becomes Air. Paul Kalanithi was by all accounts a world-leading surgeon, a caring and thoughtful husband and father and - as best highlighted in this work - an awesome author.

I hate to admit that this draft has sat unedited for far too long, and I have forgotten the intricate details of this short but detailed book. I have not, however, forgot how it made me feel, how it made me cry on the very last page, and how it made me contemplate what it truly means to be able to breath freely.

It is a beautifully written story, but I am torn. Torn because I absolutely loved reading a book I wish had never been written. That is to say, at least not with the ending provided. Paul Kalanithi appeared to be talented at everything he attempted, and his work with a scalpel and a pen will both

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Apple AirPods: First Thoughts

They’re awesome.


No, really. These are my very first thoughts because I’ve only had them for half a day, but I’ve been very impressed. The connection to my iPhone and Mac is seamless, requiring none of the usual Bluetooth configuration, and the audio quality is right up there. Sure, they’re not going to compete with the professional audio offerings, but they sound better than the standard wired Apple earphones with a lot more depth. But no one is buying these purely for the sound quality - it’s mostly about the convenience. The ease of access. And as someone who mostly listens to podcasts and audiobooks, convenience is king.

 Yeah, but, £159?

I know, I know. You can buy cheaper headphones that sound better. You can buy cheaper headphones that are wireless. But you can’t buy cheaper headphones that connect so seamlessly, that don’t even have a wire between the left and right channels

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I tried to keep a bullet journal

I really tried. I had a new notebook, watched the introductory video, even wrote out each day of the month twice. I love the concept and I wish I would stick with it, but it’s difficult.

One of my resolutions this year is to write more. I don’t just mean with a notebook and pen here, but just in general. This blog counts, that’s for sure. I saw the bullet journal as a way to keep this up without having to think about it too much. Checking and updating a daily journal, writing down quick thoughts and meeting notes throughout the day while the words slowly added up.

But there’s a problem.

The notebook rarely makes it out of my bag. I should get some credit for at least carrying it around with me, but that’s as far as it goes on most days.


I used to still use Trello a lot in the office and also at home. Diana and I have a board just for supermarket shopping so that we both know what

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💾 Outdoor Tech TIUS Wireless Headphones ★★★★☆

At the beginning of January, I was gifted a pair of Outdoor Tech wireless headphones. I had never even heard of the brand, but a quick check on Amazon seemed to suggest they should be somewhat decent, and never before owning a pair of wireless headphones, I jumped at the opportunity to use them.


I’m a big believer that the future is wireless. Cables just get in the way (though I would take an ethernet connection over slow WiFi any day) and have an incredible ability to tangle. Not to mention the tug on your ears when your headphones are plugged into your phone and you twist your neck slightly.

Long story short, these headphones are great. The wireless works wonderfully, the audio quality is more than good enough and they’re comfortable enough to wear throughout the working day.

So far I’ve primarily worn them in the office, connecting to either my Windows PC, iPhone or iPad

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Fontygary Bay, Rhoose

A few months ago Diana’s sister was over in the UK for a week, so we made the most of it by doing a little exploring, taking in both the city sites and the nearby nature!

Since having my Nikon D7000, I’ve been getting into film making a little so I took the opportunity to put together a few short films of the trips. I originally put these together with entirely copyrighted music that I could only really share between friends and family but over the weekend I re-edited a few of them to make use of a copyright-free soundtrack so they could be shared on YouTube.

I only have a couple so far, but rest assured a few more are on the way! I captured a lot of footage on our trips last year to Copenhagen and Milan so they will hopefully be making an appearance soon as well. Hope you enjoy!

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🎬 Hacksaw Ridge ★★★★☆

The story of Desmond Doss is almost too incredible to believe. A US Army corporal who served during World War II, specifically during the Okinawa Battle in the film, carrying no weapons whatsoever.

With the world so set on tearing itself apart, it don’t seem like such a bad thing to me to want to put a little bit of it back together.

Hacksaw Ridge is an all too real representation of war, leaving very little to the imagination, highlighting the absolute horror of battle in explicit detail. The production quality - especially the sound design - really reinforced this message, creating an incredibly life-like atmosphere through the screen.

As is often the case, Andrew Garfield is a fantastic lead in this, reportedly bringing the son of Desmond Doss to tears while watching his accurate portrayal. This is why I feel that the film really works. It is right on the edge of believable, while

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What this blog isn’t

Well, I’ve kept this up for longer than I originally thought I might. In fact, this is quite possibly the longest I’ve continued to write in one go, so that’s something. The utter simplicity of Svbtle is likely to thank for that, but during this time I’ve tried to figure out what this blog is, and more importantly what it isn’t.

It isn’t structured. It’s not going to be on a single topic, appeal to a single type of person (or appeal to absolutely everyone), or push out regular content on the dot. It’s not going to hold me to account, earn me an income or force me to write about things I’m not interested in.

But it is going to be a journal. A notebook. A collection of ideas, thoughts, musings on the world around me as I see it. A review of a film I saw at the weekend, or a new toy I just purchased, for example, or my opinion on a news headline. The reason why I think something is good

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Spotted this on Hacker News this morning, and I absolutely love it! I’ve often looked for something like this as I know how long I want to be away for and I certainly know my budget, but I don’t often have a particular place in mind.

Not only does DESTIGOGO provide genuine options, appearing to display average flight prices rather than those very particular low-cost options, it is also highlighting destinations that I would never think of visiting. Reckon I’ll be making use of it this year!

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Simon Sinek on Millennials in the Workplace

Very interesting video from Simon Sinek that is making the rounds at the moment. He raises some great points about our generation, especially around why we may feel somewhat entitled when we join companies that were born in a different era.

His points on addiction to social media feel all too true. At the moment I keep playing with the idea of deactivating my Facebook account, but the usefulness of Messenger keeps pulling me back.

I’m a big fan of Simon’s style - the way he presents his ideas is very engaging. I’m currently reading Start With Why, which if I’m being honest feels more like it should be an essay rather than a book, but still he presents it very well. I’m only half way, but look out for a review in the next week or so!

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